LockPhone is Unique.

LockPhone has a special feature: it can protect your information or maintain the privacy of your voice and Internet communication thanks to its unique hardware and software technology. Each LockPhone has an additional encryption hardware microchip that, combined to the exclusive patented software, enables you to send private E-mail messages, private SMS and private voice calls. Its 1,024-bit data encryption keeps your sensitive information safe. Your “locked” conversations or data exchange are readable between LockPhones only. Whenever you want, you can choose to talk and text normally, if the other smartphone is not a LockPhone (or even if it’s a LockPhone).

Safe and Reliable.

LockPhone is based on Android OS, enhanced with a set of security applications that are pre-installed in the smartphone memory. The Android OS is customized to work in conjunction with LockPhone’s exclusive hardware chipset: it means a higher security standard, compared to a common Android-based device. Moreover, you can easily install any application you like from the Android Store. LockPhone is the essential smartphone for your business and your relations because you can now effectively protect your privacy.

Stylish and Discreet.

Perfection is a matter of details. LockPhone’s exclusive technology stands out for its features, and its stylish design reflects your privacy status. With a strong aluminum frame body, the 4.7″ touchscreen model provides an amazing viewing and reading experience. The HD-quality screen is designed for an improved web browsing, reading, e-mailing, and maps viewing. Tough but slim, it’s equipped with an high performance Octa Core CPU.


Get ready to stand out

LockPhone is available in two versions
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